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Autumn Color Update: It was your choice

Autumn Color Update: It was your choice

There will be new colorways coming soon

Autumn Color Update: It was your choice

It’s this time of the year: the days are getting shorter and colder. Rain is making our training more complicated and mentally this time - right after a well deserved offseason - is challenging. A lucky and very privileged peer of triathletes would be on Hawaii now. To be more precise: Kona. They would flood the social media with photos from paradise. Blue skies, turtles, maybe a group of dolphins. And in between you would probably spot some great colorful socks that seem familiar to you, but you haven’t seem them before. They embody the INCYLENCE-DNA and are designed for that special occasion.

„Let’s give something back!“

Well, that scenario was our idea for this time of the year. BUT: we don’t want to complain, but spread some great news instead! When we realized that this season is going to be different, we had an idea: what if we created a color update to our most popular designs in 2020? And what about giving something back to our community by asking them what colors and designs we should produce? And that’s what we did…

Hard decisions: Which designs did make it into production?

We chose some of our designs such as the Classic Dots, Squares and Spins and we added some new colors to them. So far so common. We then ranked two socks against each other and let you decide which color is your favorite. And you responded. A lot! More than 1.000 of our hunters voted in our several Instagram Stories and made the final decisions that led to our INCYLENCE Autumn Color Update.

Stay positive and strong

This update will be live in some weeks. We don’t want to tell you yet how many colors it includes and which colors won in the votings. What we can say is that we are super happy about your engagement and the way you are communicating with us. We receive a lot of feedback, nice messages, sometimes just a „Hi guys!“. In general: very positive vibes. That’s why we integrated you in our decision making.

This year was challenging for every single one of us. We as a society and community had to face new challenges and fears. Thanks for supporting us and thanks for acting responsible. Keep your positivity and strength. We will keep being colorful and happy no matter what. #forthehunters

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