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INCYLENCE Insights: What our logo is all about!

INCYLENCE Insights: What our logo is all about!

incylence socks logoA lynx is representing our brand

About our brand: What the logo is all about!

About three years ago we sat together and developed a vision and identity that we wanted INCYLENCE to embody. One major aspect of that was the logo design and the message it sends out to our community. As we grew and attracted numerous new people from all over the world to our brand within the last months, we thought to give you an idea what we had in mind when initially creating the logo and choosing a lynx as our figurehead.

Going wild

Right from the start we wanted to display freedom and a strong connection to our beautiful nature as this is where we as endurance athletes perform our passion. We chose to go with the deer in the beginning as this seemed noble and proud and we liked the aura it is surrounded by. It lives in the woods and made this surroundings its territory. We then went back in our thoughts and rethought what INCYLENCE really stands for, which is not about being majestic. We are the ones that are chasing goals with full determination; may these be personal records, new cycling routes or improving the brand and products. So in a way we are proactive creatures, we are taking our destiny in our own hands.

development of the incylence logoDeveloping the INCYLENCE logo

A crafty hunter

That was when we stumbled over the lynx which immediately attracted us visually but also with its characteristics. It is usually solitary, but occasionally hunts together with his peer when this is what supports the outcome. Just as us endurance athletes: we set individual goals and create plans and programs so that we can achieve these goals. Often we are on our own; hunting - or as we do: running, cycling, swimming or working out generally - in the crack of dawn and late at night, but we also enjoy a good training group and the dynamics that emerge.

The lynx is a crafty hunter. It is fast, responsive and has great anticipation. It can climb trees and even swim to complete the hunt. We as hunters deal with different elements as well. We run, we swim and we want to be fast with it. We also don’t shy away from challenges and adventures and always have our goal in sight. #huntincylence

This is why a lynx represents our brand as our logo. It fits to our brand, our views and values. It also looks cool and we are proud to put it on our shirts and caps, portrait it on our packaging and show it around the world. We hope that you, the hunters, are as proud to feature it and to express one important message: I am a hunter!

Minor disclaimer: please don’t mind the missing hair horns. It would have made it way too complicated. You only have to remember one thing: it’s a lynx, not a fox! 😀 #forthehunters


  • Wir sind dran! ;-)


  • Wäre cool das Logo auf der Socke zu sehen (auch wenn man Schuhe an hat) 👌

    Olof on

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