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Frequently Asked Questions

Incylence FAQ Socken

What makes your socks special?

With every pair of socks we want to bridge the gap between maximum performance and cool style. Geometric elements meet bright colors in our designs, and the defining feature of our products is the best possible quality of materials. We achieve this with yarns made in Italy and great manufacturers in Portugal and Italy. We also use dope-dyed yarns which are way more environmentally friendly and reduce water consumption, dyestuff consumption and usage of chemicals by great extents. At the same time the colors are long-lasting and more resistant to UV. A lot of technical features in addition to the yarns we use make the socks as good as they can be, in our opinion! 
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Where are INCYLENCE socks produced?

Our socks are 100% made in Europe, from packaging to yarns to manufacturing. We have a great partnership with manufacturers in Italy and Portugal and our yarns are made in Italy.

What’s the difference between RUNNING and ULTRALIGHT socks?

The ULTRALIGHT socks are our ultralight product. They are ultra-thin and provide maximum breathability and light weight. The RUNNING socks are thicker and have more comfort and cushioning, especially at the heels and toes. 
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I am right in between two sizes. Which one should I go for?

We would recommend the smaller size as our socks have a lot of stretch. We’ve optimized the fit several times, but the socks still tend towards a larger fit. If you can’t stand tight socks, though, you should go for the bigger size.

Where can I buy INCYLENCE socks?

We’ve built a great network of local retailers across Europe. Find out where the closest retailer is located. 
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Do you ship worldwide?

We do ship to most regions in Europe and worldwide. During the pandemic we had to deactivate some regions due to shipping regulations. You can find all destinations and regions here.

How much is shipping?

Within Germany shipping is 3.50€. From 25€ onwards shipping is free of charge. Outside Germany shipping is 6.50€ and free of charge from 50€ onwards.

Incylence FAQ Brand

Who is the team behind INCYLENCE?

Alex, Max and Pavel founded the company in 2017 and are still the operating and driving force. The idea of INCYLENCE was born in early summer that year when Alex did not find the perfect pair of socks for his next workout that combine style and quality. After many discussions with his best buddy and flatmate at the time, Max, the idea slowly became reality and the brand was officially launched June 18th, 2018.
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What is a hunter?

Everyone that is a fan or follower, supporting, inspiring and motivating us is a hunter! Whether it’s about providing feedback or as part of our regular hunter community stories on Instagram: our customers are at the center of everything we do. This is why we created the hashtag #forthehunters

That’s not a question, I just wanted to give a compliment about the quality of the service and products.

YOU ARE THE BEST! #forthehunters