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Yoann Stuck: Made by passion

Yoann Stuck: Made by passion

Yoann Stuck with the INCYLENCE Lifestyle T-Shirt
Photo credits: Delphine Castel

The story of Yoann Stuck is not the type of story you often hear from ambitious athletes. It’s not one of the fairytales where a 3-year-old kid plays tennis against a wall or a 10-year-old climbing up Alpe d´Huez on a borrowed bike and easily passing the adults. This is rather a story of a really nice and easy-going dude who found his passion in his late twenties.

27 to be precise. Yoann Stuck weights around 100kg, smoking 30 cigarettes a day and ending almost each day drinking alcohol. All of that while working two jobs at a time. At some point he picked up running: his first 20-minute-outing ended with a beer. Seven years later and Yoann is a different man: „My lifestyle and way of thinking has evolved!“

He never stopped running ever since. Not only that, but he also got his first bike and fell in love with riding outdoors immediately. He prefers trails over tarmac and gravel over road bike. Nature became his playground. He loves riding in the mountains, exploring new trails and doing long trips: „I feel very small and still appreciate those moments. I enter a meditation phase and it allows me to find myself.“

Yoann Stuck running in the INCYLENCE socksPhoto credits: Delphine Castel

He loves to share his adventures. On social media but especially in direct contact with other people, because he is convinced that his journey can change lifes of many people to the better: „I am not a champion of the world and I do not wish to become one. My interest is to find a balance between competition and sharing. I will invest deeply to succeed, to progress and to discover.“

„When I discovered the brand, I immediately joined!“

Since late 2020 Yoann Stuck is an INCYLENCE ambassador. We love his positive energy, his passion and the thrive to share his journey. That’s our side of the story and our attitude towards him. But what about his opinion about INCYLENCE? „I like this positive and fun identity. When I discovered the brand, I immediately joined. I like this fun spirit which energizes my outings.“ He can identify and loves both: On the one hand this is what you can see and feel: the designs, colors and quality of the products: „I love these bright fun colors and the design that make up the identity of the brand. The technical side of the sock is also a highlight.“

Yoann Stuck on the bike with INCYLENCE socksPhoto credits: Delphine Castel

On the other hand it’s about what you don’t see at first glance. The aspects and ethics you discover when following the brand: „I like people who move the codes. It is essential in sport, especially in a period like the one we are experiencing. The design in Germany and the manufacturing in Italy corresponds to my ethics.“

Off to new adventures

It’s stories like these that motivates us every day. The certainty that we are able to contribute to such stories. This relates to life changing stories but also to a smaller scale. Making each run a little more comfortable, each ride a little more rememberable, each workout more vibrant. There is so much more to come, so many projects and products we are thinking and dreaming about, so many more stories to tell. As Yoann says: „I feel this adventure has only just begun.“

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