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3 years INCYLENCE: The baby is growing up

3 years INCYLENCE: The baby is growing up

incylence-running-cycling-socksHappy Birthday to us!

Thinking back to June 18th 2018 and everything that happened since then, still leaves us speechless. On this day three years ago INCYLENCE sold the first products which we stored in our living room, packed ourselves and carried to the local beverage store that also served as a postal service. This went on for another six months before we worked on a more professional level. Today we are located in a brand new office that will operate as a showroom, meeting point and event location in the near future. Let’s give you a quick runthrough of our brand history and what we are currently up to.

Growing up and remaining young

Right now we are maneuvering through a pandemic, growing as a company, working on new products, getting new employees on board as well as our usual tasks in our daily business. All of this keeps us young and fresh at the same time.

incylence-running-cycling-socksYou can see, feel and buy our socks in more and more shops.

Shops and partners

We are working more and more with local shops and partners. Our goal is to give as many people as possible access to our products and the opportunity to touch and feel them - maybe even test them on a treadmill or while running up and down in a shop. This process of course presents totally new challenges which we're not facing when „only“ serving as an online shop. We have an overview on our website of where the socks are being sold which will hopefully be extended within the next weeks and months.

Store locater

incylence-running-cycling-socksBeing a sock specialist we are looking also for additional performance products (Foto: Marcel Hilger)

Product range

Over the last few years we focused on socks obviously and were able to introduce our RUNNING socks one year after entering the market with the TRIATHLON styles. To better explain the sock characteristics, we have recently renamed our TRIATHLON socks to ULTRALIGHT in 2021. This change should help to clarify what the differences between RUNNING and ULTRALIGHT socks are: one is super breathable, lightweight and thin (ULTRALIGHT); the other provides more cushioning and support with a slightly thicker composition (RUNNING). What kind of socks you prefer is totally individual. We have triathlon professionals who ride their bikes with the RUNNING socks and runners who run in TRIATHLON/ULTRALIGHT socks. We believe that this is a good proof of quality.

Positioning ourselves as a sock specialist we're constantly exploring in many directions in order to increase our portfolio of techniques and purposes. We are excited to announce that our shop will have more types of socks soon, all of which of course come with INCYLENCE DNA and the quality you expect from us.

We also noticed a high demands for our headbands and are currently looking for even better materials and techniques. You can expect updates on this very soon. Last but not least we are working on a lifestyle collection which is 100% made in Portugal and include some items for everyday life. Stay tuned for this!

incylence-showroom-running-cycling-socksWe just recently moved offices and we are building a nice and representative showroom


This is probably the most exciting project we are currently running and one we are super enthusiastic about. For months we were looking for a new location which will serve not only as an office but also as a place where we can show our products, meet people, bring the community together and have a good time in the heart of Winterhude, Hamburg. Right now we are planning the whole store concept, designing furniture and thinking about additional projects and opportunities that come with it.

There are so many different opportunities for how to connect with you in the future: having experts who give presentations on certain topics, watching races live, having community runs or rides, throwing a release party and last but not least: selling our products.

All of this feels surreal. We started INCYLENCE as a result of a single conclusion: „Actually you have to do it yourself!“ At this point all of us had a main job, doing INCYLENCE part time as a hobby and because we loved feedback from our customers. Planning a showroom, having more than 50 shops that have faith in us across Europe and shipping to happy customers in more than 60 countries and reaching 25.000 people on Instagram is way more than we ever imagined this journey heading to.

All we can say at this point is THANK YOU to every single one of you! No matter if you’re amongst the first customers or only recently discovered our products. We’re happy for every bit of feedback and every effort you make to support us on our way.



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