You’re a fan of INCYLENCE, you love stickers and wanna show your identification publicly? We got you covered with our five different stickers! Simply choose your favorite stickers and put them into the shopping cart as a product free of charge

Why this effort? The answer is simple and logical: we don’t wanna produce and distribute unnecessary waste! We get asked a lot whether we have stickers and when we started INCYLENCE we added them to every order. However we were bothered by the imagination that the majority of stickers were just thrown away unused. This is why we ask you to only select the stickers you really want to use! #forthehunters

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Where are INCYLENCE socks produced?
Our socks are 100% made in Europe, from packaging to yarns to manufacturing. We have a great partnership with manufacturers in Italy and Portugal and our yarns are made in Italy.

What’s the difference between RUNNING and ULTRALIGHT socks?
The ULTRALIGHT socks are our ultralight product. They are ultra-thin and provide maximum breathability and light weight. The RUNNING socks are thicker and have more comfort and cushioning, especially at the heels and toes.
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Who is the team behind INCYLENCE?
Alex, Max and Pavel founded the company in 2017 and are still the operating and driving force. The idea of INCYLENCE was born in early summer that year when Alex did not find the perfect pair of socks for his next workout that combine style and quality. After many discussions with his best buddy and flatmate at the time, Max, the idea slowly became reality and the brand was officially launched June 18th, 2018. 
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